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Sushma KK

Sushma is an upcoming name in the field of cookery. Her articles on cooking and other subjects regularly appear in leading national newspapers and magazines. Her recipes have won many awards in cookery competitions organized by various magazines. The recipes are unique and original as evident from the enormous responses received from her readers who have tried them.

From the author’s pen.....

      Cookery is that research which has no end. Dishes can be multiplied limitlessly but each one’s style of cooking and taste of hands are different. The crux is that food should be appetizing and tasteful because only such food is digestible.
      Our eating pattern and cooking methods have changed with time and will continue to do so. Where hearth, wood and stove were used; gas, oven and microwave have come in. Because of these modern conveniences not only food of our states but also international cuisine make their presence felt in our homes. Everyone desires to have tasty and nutritious food available right at home.
      In this book selection of dishes has been made keeping in mind everyone’s liking. How to make old and forgotten dishes in the modern form with convenience; this fact also has been borne in mind. I have tried to use material which is readily available and whose taste is known to all.
      Hunger is aroused not only by fragrance but also by the look of food. Every recipe is presented with photograph so that we can get a feel of the dish before it is made, just as we like to see the model of the house before it is constructed.
      Whatever new experiments I try in cooking the inspiration comes from my husband K.K., who has been saying from the beginning, "We live to eat and don't eat to live." Without his photographs my recipes would probably have never come into existence. I would also like to thank my son Taru, who typed the entire matter until its publication and continued to cooperate fully.
      And I must also thank all those readers who appreciated my recipes through their letters. On publication of my recipes in various magazines a well-wisher wrote to me , "I want to know who  your Guru is?...."One asked, "Do you work in a hotel....?"Another wrote, "We will learn many dishes sitting at home......"


Coming up soon with new book -  Marwari Cooking.