Panorama images

Click here for my very long panorama pictures

    For quite sometime, I was looking for a good camera for taking panorama shots. Instead,  I bought a cross ground-glass screen for my Mamiya 645 AFD camera. This lines up camera's screen  into 4 equal parts either vertical or horizontal.

    I measured the length & breadth of these divisions of the screen and surprisingly found out that if two longer parts in the middle are used as guide lines for taking panorama pictures, it had a ratio of 1 : 2.7 - a good panorama !  Each division of the shorter side, that is 4.5 cm, measures 1.125 cm each. Therefore if we take two central divisions, it will measure 2.25 cm. The longer side that is required is 2.25 x 2.7 = 6.075 cm. A film frame of Mamiya 645 AFD measures 4.5 x 6 cm, thus we get 6 cm length.

    Perfect panorama images were shot by looking through the central three lines using them as guide lines for panoramas. So why not shoot panorama with your Mamiya 645 AFD without going in for a exclusive panorama camera ! You have double advantage - you have a panorama + a regular picture if required !!!

Pink area is 2.25 cm high & 6 cm wide

Here are some of panorama images shot by Mamiya adopting the above technique


Click here for horizontal images.