KK's Plants & Photographs

I have been collecting cactus and other succulent plants since last 25 years. Maximum number of plants have been raised from seeds bought from the various nurseries around the world. I have been growing plants from Euphorbiceae and Mesembryanthemaceae families. Not only this but have also collected a large number of caudiciform and pachycaul succulents over the years. Plants are living being like us. They grow, flourish, flower and die too. This cycle is responsible for the changes in everybody's collections as to number and quality of plants from year to year and from time to time.

Because photography was my old hobby, Right from the start, I photographed my plants' growth and their flowering whenever they made me to do so. In the process I made a large collection of photographs of these beautiful plants of this earth. Many photographs were published by magazines, books and beautiful calendars were designed out of them.

Many of the plants are with me but not the flowers. But I still feel the romance and fragrance of that moment and the day when they were in bloom, when I see them in the photographs. To share that moment, I am presenting them here for you.

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  Victoria lily